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The Benefits

TAP.’s beauty is in its simplicity. We preserve premium wine in cutting edge stainless steel wine cylinders and pour from custom-designed ceramic towers to serve the perfect glass of wine every time.

At TAP. wine quality comes first. We source wine from premier wine-growing regions around the world, maintaining the authenticity and true characteristics from each unique vineyard. The TAP. system preserves the full flavours and freshness of our handpicked range of varietals to consistently pour flawless wine, with no risk of spoilage, oxidation or cork taint. Every time.

But it’s not just all about the wine, TAP. also reduces the vast waste and costs associated with the transport, handling, storage and then disposal of traditional wine bottle packaging to deliver a new cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to wine service.

TAP. is set to take the market by storm. Our reusable stainless steel wine cylinders and distinctive ceramic towers make TAP. the only system of it’s kind in Australia.

How It Works

From vineyard to glass, TAP. wines are preserved in stainless steel wine cylinders from the moment it is made, to the moment it is enjoyed. We deliver our cutting-edge cylinders to a handful of hand-picked local and international passionate winemakers, who fill each cylinder with their finest quality wine before sealing them up, perfectly preserving the freshness and full personality in each drop. The cylinders then make their journey to restaurants and bars across Australia where our hand selected wine is poured from custom-designed ceramic towers into the waiting glass of a wine lover who enjoys the quality, flavour, freshness and complexity of the wine, just as the winemaker had intended.

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Wine Cylinder Technology

At the heart of the TAP. system is our state-of-the-art 20 litre stainless wine cylinders that store the equivalent of 26 bottles of wine. These stainless steel wine cylinders are engineered to protect the wine from harmful oxidation and UV rays to eliminate spoilage, whilst also preventing costly bottle breakages. By storing the wine under a blanket of inert gas, combined with the superior thermal properties of stainless steel ensure each wine is preserved with its full flavour and taste intact. just as the winemaker intended.

At TAP. we are extremely conscious of the sustainability of our environment and are absolutely committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the wine industry. Our sustainable, reusable wine cylinders have a lifespan of 30 years and each individual fill eliminates the need to manufacture, package, transport, store and then dispose of 26 glass bottles, not to mention the corks / screw caps and cartons. and labels.

Don’t worry, we are committed to wine quality too. We want no wine to be spoiled. The TAP. wine cylinders eliminate any chance of cork taint and more commonly, the wastage associated with tired, oxidised wine left in open bottles from one service to the next. With precision temperature control, and the use of inert gas, every single drop is perfectly fresh poured into the waiting glass of a happy customer.

The Towers

If the stainless steel wine cylinders are the heart, then the ceramic towers are the face of TAP. With their distinctive design and stunning colour, the TAP. towers are instantly recognisable to wine lovers seeking the perfect glass. The towers are handmade in Europe from authentic ceramic. This ancient material has been used for centuries to store wine, and is still used in wineries around the world today due to its unique natural insulating qualities that preserve freshness and promote complexity in wines. TAP. uses advanced technology to craft a superior ceramic that is resistant to scratching and oxidation. TAP. has crafted a sophisticated shape and distinctive colour to create a beautiful tower that epitomises the quality and character of the wine itself. Wine lovers will quickly recognise the tower and trust it to consistently deliver on quality, flavour, freshness and complexity.



The System

TAP. is an elegant solution to wine service. The simplicity of the system increases the profitability of wine service by reducing the costs associated with storing and handling wine bottles and wine wasted through spoilage. TAP. service is also time effective. Staff quickly and cleanly pour from the temperature controlled system, with no time wasted opening bottles. The TAP. system can be easily fitted into any bar or restaurant with just a few adjustments. Any extra space required to store wine cylinders in the service area is offset by the space saved in storing cartons of wine bottles.